Sunday, April 10, 2011

G-Stage vs. Forever 21

I'll be honest, I am an avid Forever 21 shopper but had never heard of the clothing store G-Stage until recently. I decided to visit the G-Stage on Lakewood Blvd. after work one day to shop for some shirts and I must say I was surprisingly impressed by the wearables and the price tag attached to them. The clothing at G-Stage has a similar feel to Forever 21 in that they are fashionable and affordable, but I must say G-Stage had some pieces that were more original than anything I've seen in Forever. G-Stage also has an awesome plus size section with price conscious, trendy clothing. I bought 2 light weight sweaters, two shirts and a mock leather, hooded bomber jacket in dark camel (sooooo cute) for like $110 total. Find a G-Stage near you and incorporate them into your shopping routine. It's worth it.

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