Saturday, December 11, 2010




LF is having their sample sale as I write and you read! Shut of your computer and get going! If you know anything about LF you know the below prices are great!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Food, Great View, Beautiful Ambiance-but there are callouts

I recently went to Asia de Cuba in the Mondrian Hotel for dinner with my boyfriend and another couple. The overall experience was great but there are some callouts that might not be for everyone. First and foremost the restaurant is beautiful with soft lighting and a spectacular view of the city. We ate outdoors since they had heat lamps and it was perfect because the Sky Bar is right next door and they had live artists performing so it was like dinner and a concert. We did the tasting platters since the food portions are large and sharing is recommended, however, once our server took our orders we didn't see him much after that. The service is very slow. This was convenient for us because we were enjoying the music and our conversation but stretching a meal over the course of 3 1/2 hours isnt for everyone (we sat down at 8:30pm and did not leave until midnight even though we would have gladly sliced an hour off of our stay if given a choice). The food is above average and I commend the restaurant for the eclectic fusion of cuisines, but I felt that the flavors were a little lacking. Bottom line, Asia de Cuba is like buying a decent house in a fabulous location. You still do it. I think a part of the reason why so many people claim to love the food is because everything else is so nice and you feel like you have to or that it's just the right thing to say. I would recommend this restaurant but under certain circumstances. You have to be prepared to be there for awhile so go with good company. You'll wait for your drinks so savor them. The bill can become pricey (we averaged about ($90 per person) so your budget must be
accomodating. The portions are healthy but the taste might not knock your socks off.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I honestly can't say I'm a fan of Affliction clothing but that's no reason to deprive you of their sample sale information. I'll probably still go for Christmas gifts for my guy friends. Cheers!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Are you a Hudson Jeans fan? If so they will be having a Warehouse Sample Sale next week at their factory in Commerce. This is a great opportunity to buy someone a pair of really nice skinny jeans for Christmas for a fraction of the cost.


60% to 80% OFF!
Women's + Men’s Denim

Friday, December 10th

Saturday, December 11th

6409 Gayhart Street
Commerce, CA 90040
(enter around corner on Saybrook entrance)

Cash, Visa, Mastercard and American Express Accepted

** Cannot wear HUDSON to this event. No try-ons, bags, food or drink. Children under age 10 not permitted.
All Sales Final.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hey All!

If 7 For All Mankind jeans fit your bum in just the right way or you're in need of more leggings then make sure to check out their sample sale this Saturday, December 4th from 8am-6pm and this Sunday, December 5th from 6am-12n. It's located at 4330 E. 26th St., Vernon, CA 90058. Can't say I don't love ya :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


It is Monday morning and I am about to head off to work but first wanted to post my weekly trend report based on Los Angeles fashion for the week of November 29, 2010.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I am a huge fan of homemade clothing/crafts and love for giving authentic designers/creators a forum for their work. Please visit the links below to see some of my favorite Etsy stores this week.

Store One: Nikacollection

I'm assuming these are sublimated tops although the designer does not say. Regardless, I think they are very pretty and want to share.

Click the link to see more screened and sublimated tops:

Store Two: RiverOfRomansk

I love the whimsical, girlie dresses and blouses this store has and the price is very reasonable. Her style is simple and fresh.

Click the below link to see more of this flowy, romantic style:

Store Three: Ellemoss

I like the texture used by Ellemoss in her photography. I think she also uses her lighting well. She has several photos with her subjects wearing masks which I enjoy as I love masks and escapism.

To see more photography by Ellemoss click the below link:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

DRAKE - "Fancy" lyrics - Why does he mention Bebe in his song?

bebe, I have always loved you and will never stop showing appreciation toward you but you must step up your fashion game. You took on a cheaper fashion direction a few years ago and seem to be sticking to it. Please upgrade yourself to the fashionable company you used to be. If you've had to lay off designers and opt for purchasing private label from Chinese manufacturers, I'm not mad. I understand the economy is still poor for fashion companies. My only request is that you purchase from a manufacturer that produces higher end garments. I miss the old bebe. I was listening to the lyrics of Drake's song "Fancy" and it makes mention of you:

Champagne range
triple white Caddy
closet full of brand new clothes and hand bags
Alexander McQueen, Prada, Gucci, Chanel
D&G, BCBG, Versace, Louie and

There was a time when these lyrics would have been accurate but as it stands today I realize that Drake simply needed to find a word that fit into his melody and you were easy game considering your prior fashion excellence and past mention in other rap songs. The reputation you established in the past has been strong enough to uphold you today but it won't last much longer. I have fond memories of saving my allowance in high school and going to the Beverly Center to buy a bebe shirt made in burnout fabric long before burnout was mainstream. I can still hear the compliments I receieved when I wore it. You were my first internship when you were located in the Cooper Building downtown. I want you to pull yourself together bebe. Please.


I have eaten brunch at Taste in West Hollywood twice now and must write about it. It's so damn good. First and foremost the restaurant is a quaint, dark wood structure accented with bright pillows and windows facing Melrose. It's perfectly designed for comfort in rain or shine and I've been there for both. The first time I ate there I had the Southwest Scramble and bottomless mimosa. It was tastey but I was more impressed by the trendy yet lazy atmosphere of the place and the elevated seating which allowed me a great view for people watching. The second time I dined at Taste it was simply delicious. I ordered the Braised Short Rib Hash with scrambled egg (instead of poached), red pepppers, potatoes and bearnaise sauce. My boyfriend decided on the crab Cake Benedict with rosemary garlic potatoes. Both were absolutely yum. That's the best description I can give. Yum. Yum. The hash is $14.75 and the crab cake benedict is $15.25. Enjoy a Sunday brunch at Taste. It's worth it.

I read reviews on Trip Advisor about Taste simply to see other's opinions of the place and think those who gave the restaurant a low rating are nuts and probably complain about stars, toenails, popcorn, itunes, pens, carpet, etc. I'm sure nothing makes them happy.

8454 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 852-6888

Friday, November 26, 2010

BCBG Sample Sale in the Rain - 11/20/10

I will first and foremost pay homage to all the sexy and determined bitches who made it inside the BCBG sample sale and exited the premises with wearables. I admire you. I woke up the morning of the sale at 8am. One hour later than intended. I lay in bed and listened to the rain. It was coming down hard. "Do I even want to go to the sale this rainy morning?" I asked myself. "Of course I do," I said as I pulled on the leggings and boots I set out the previous night for easy dressing. I personally think BCBG had a strong and fashionable year and I've enjoyed my window shopping experiences. (I cannot afford BCBG and after working for their corporate office and enjoying the perks of the employee boutique run by Lubov Azria's mother - leather pants for $15. Purses for $40. Shirts for $5 - I will never be able to pay full price until I'm rich with disposable cash)

I fixed a cup of tea and headed out in the rain with my boyfriend and a book, ready for the line outside BCBG that I was sure would be cut in half by the increment weather. I was absolutely wrong. In front of the Vernon factory was a huge canopy, shielding the raindrops from women holding huge plastic bags and waiting patiently in a winding line reminiscent of Riddler's Revenge at Magic Mountain. Not bad, I thought. But then my boyfriend and I continued down Fruitland and saw the staggering line of girls dressed in black tights and beanies, holding Starbucks containers and leaning against the stark white BCBG wall that goes on for like a mile. They were all unfazed by the rain and seemed to enjoy it.
My boyfriend asked where he should park. "I can't do it," I told him. "Please don't make me stand out there in the rain and wait for hours. There's at least 700 girls here" I whined. My boyfriend is the type of man who does everything he sets his mind to no matter what the circumstance and expects me to follow suit. I, on the other hand, tend to go with the flow and allow life's alterations. I did not want to trade a nice sweater for the demon flu going around. I was prepared to stand in mist for one hour tops but not actual rain for 3 hours. My boyfriend chuckled at the BCBG enthusiasts undeterred by wetness and allowed us to continue on a new morning path consisting of breakfast at Taste. I appreciate you BCBG and will do my best to meet an employee and enjoy the sample sale on "Friends and Family" night.

****I will eventually write a blog about Taste but if you've never gone to this West Hollywood eatery you MUST! Crab benedict and the short rib with eggs. Yum. (There's an actual name for the short rib plate but I forgot it. Delicious though.)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Within the cute downtwon area of Whittier on the corner of Bright and Philadelpia is a restaurant I highly recommend called Seta. I first heard about Seta through a friend who said they had a Sunday brunch with bottomless Mimosas for $12.00. My interest was peaked and I decided to check it out this past weekend. When I first walked in to the establishment I thought it was much to swanky for the bottomless mimosas and $8.00 breakfast plates. The decor is very modern and fung shui friendly with flat screen tv's on alternating walls. I was led to a an indoor patio area that felt like a large cabana at the W with billowing curtains and my own private television. I ordered the eggs,potato and bacon plate with the Mimosa. I am happy to report that the server swung by my table every 10 minutes to make sure my champagne flute was properly maintained. The food - with the exception of the dried out bacon - was excellent. This place is yet another gem in the city of Whittier.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


When you think of Whittier, CA, great shopping isn't the first thing that comes to mind, if anything at all. You might know that the city is off the 60 freeway or somewhere around that area, or that George Lopez mentions it in one of his comedy performances, but there's not an identifying factor most people associate with Whittier. Then one day an artist at my job told me about this amazing Farmer's Market that occurs in Whittier every Thursday evening. The next thing you know my aunt- who resides in Whittier- is inviting my mom to this same Thursday evening Farmer's Market. Before I know it, I'm driving to Whittier after work one Thursday evening to stroll this massive Farmer's Market. While walking up Greenleaf toward the Market I glance inside storefronts and take in the charming nature of the street. One of the storefronts I peek in is Monmarie boutique. Although the boutique isn't what I would call non-discript, it does not scream at passersby for attention with curb mannequins and bright window displays. I decided to go inside and my first thought was that Monmarie is definitely a diamond in the rough. Greenleaf contains quite a few fashion boutiques but Monmarie is in a class all it's own, and not just among it's immediate Greenleaf competitors but throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. When I looked at the clothing in Monmarie I thought the garments were trendy and unique but very wearable. The clothing is for the person who wants to be fashion forward in a fun yet sophisticated way. I loved the fact that every garment contained a design element that was recognizable as a current trend but had a unique twist to it that made it fresh. When you shop at Monmarie you know that you're not getting a cheap knock-off rushed to the stores by a mass manufacturer and I can guarantee that you won't see the shirt you bought on 10 other women when you go out. The prices at Monmarie are also extremely reasonable considering that the quality of the garments are excellent. I almost felt guilty when I purchased an amazing chiffon and knit jersey top that was screen printed and had very intricate beading and hardware, etc., etc. along the neckline. (The compliments flowed throughout the day I decided to wear it.) Aside from the hot Kettle Korn at the Farmer's Market I eventually made my way to, Monmarie Boutique was my Thursday night highlight.

Monmarie Boutique
7309 Greenleaf Ave.
Whittier, CA 90602
(562) 696-5900

Sunday, August 1, 2010


In this time of economic penny-pinching and spendthrift luxury, many clothing boutiques throughout the once trendy West Hollywood area have fallen to extinction; there downfall being expensive clothing that is no longer deemed in fashion. The chic streets like 3rd and Melrose are now pocketed with deserted stores with blank windows dressed in a simple "For Lease" sign. But as we learned from Darwin, the strong will survive and when it comes to clothing boutiques, Jigsaw on Melrose is one of the fittest. Jigsaw has been a staple boutique on Melrose since I began shopping the street 15 years ago and it still stands firm today. What's great about this boutique is that it carries a variety of clothing from both local L.A. designers and major brands alike. Loyal customers and feasible pricing have also kept this boutique afloat. As boutiques in Los Angeles crumble under the weight of nonsensical merchandise and become nostalgic memories in the minds of us fashionistas, there's a feeling of security that comes from walking the altered street of Melrose and still seeing one of the staple boutiques standing strong.