Saturday, November 27, 2010

DRAKE - "Fancy" lyrics - Why does he mention Bebe in his song?

bebe, I have always loved you and will never stop showing appreciation toward you but you must step up your fashion game. You took on a cheaper fashion direction a few years ago and seem to be sticking to it. Please upgrade yourself to the fashionable company you used to be. If you've had to lay off designers and opt for purchasing private label from Chinese manufacturers, I'm not mad. I understand the economy is still poor for fashion companies. My only request is that you purchase from a manufacturer that produces higher end garments. I miss the old bebe. I was listening to the lyrics of Drake's song "Fancy" and it makes mention of you:

Champagne range
triple white Caddy
closet full of brand new clothes and hand bags
Alexander McQueen, Prada, Gucci, Chanel
D&G, BCBG, Versace, Louie and

There was a time when these lyrics would have been accurate but as it stands today I realize that Drake simply needed to find a word that fit into his melody and you were easy game considering your prior fashion excellence and past mention in other rap songs. The reputation you established in the past has been strong enough to uphold you today but it won't last much longer. I have fond memories of saving my allowance in high school and going to the Beverly Center to buy a bebe shirt made in burnout fabric long before burnout was mainstream. I can still hear the compliments I receieved when I wore it. You were my first internship when you were located in the Cooper Building downtown. I want you to pull yourself together bebe. Please.

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