Sunday, November 28, 2010


I am a huge fan of homemade clothing/crafts and love for giving authentic designers/creators a forum for their work. Please visit the links below to see some of my favorite Etsy stores this week.

Store One: Nikacollection

I'm assuming these are sublimated tops although the designer does not say. Regardless, I think they are very pretty and want to share.

Click the link to see more screened and sublimated tops:

Store Two: RiverOfRomansk

I love the whimsical, girlie dresses and blouses this store has and the price is very reasonable. Her style is simple and fresh.

Click the below link to see more of this flowy, romantic style:

Store Three: Ellemoss

I like the texture used by Ellemoss in her photography. I think she also uses her lighting well. She has several photos with her subjects wearing masks which I enjoy as I love masks and escapism.

To see more photography by Ellemoss click the below link:

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