Sunday, August 22, 2010


When you think of Whittier, CA, great shopping isn't the first thing that comes to mind, if anything at all. You might know that the city is off the 60 freeway or somewhere around that area, or that George Lopez mentions it in one of his comedy performances, but there's not an identifying factor most people associate with Whittier. Then one day an artist at my job told me about this amazing Farmer's Market that occurs in Whittier every Thursday evening. The next thing you know my aunt- who resides in Whittier- is inviting my mom to this same Thursday evening Farmer's Market. Before I know it, I'm driving to Whittier after work one Thursday evening to stroll this massive Farmer's Market. While walking up Greenleaf toward the Market I glance inside storefronts and take in the charming nature of the street. One of the storefronts I peek in is Monmarie boutique. Although the boutique isn't what I would call non-discript, it does not scream at passersby for attention with curb mannequins and bright window displays. I decided to go inside and my first thought was that Monmarie is definitely a diamond in the rough. Greenleaf contains quite a few fashion boutiques but Monmarie is in a class all it's own, and not just among it's immediate Greenleaf competitors but throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. When I looked at the clothing in Monmarie I thought the garments were trendy and unique but very wearable. The clothing is for the person who wants to be fashion forward in a fun yet sophisticated way. I loved the fact that every garment contained a design element that was recognizable as a current trend but had a unique twist to it that made it fresh. When you shop at Monmarie you know that you're not getting a cheap knock-off rushed to the stores by a mass manufacturer and I can guarantee that you won't see the shirt you bought on 10 other women when you go out. The prices at Monmarie are also extremely reasonable considering that the quality of the garments are excellent. I almost felt guilty when I purchased an amazing chiffon and knit jersey top that was screen printed and had very intricate beading and hardware, etc., etc. along the neckline. (The compliments flowed throughout the day I decided to wear it.) Aside from the hot Kettle Korn at the Farmer's Market I eventually made my way to, Monmarie Boutique was my Thursday night highlight.

Monmarie Boutique
7309 Greenleaf Ave.
Whittier, CA 90602
(562) 696-5900

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