Sunday, August 1, 2010


In this time of economic penny-pinching and spendthrift luxury, many clothing boutiques throughout the once trendy West Hollywood area have fallen to extinction; there downfall being expensive clothing that is no longer deemed in fashion. The chic streets like 3rd and Melrose are now pocketed with deserted stores with blank windows dressed in a simple "For Lease" sign. But as we learned from Darwin, the strong will survive and when it comes to clothing boutiques, Jigsaw on Melrose is one of the fittest. Jigsaw has been a staple boutique on Melrose since I began shopping the street 15 years ago and it still stands firm today. What's great about this boutique is that it carries a variety of clothing from both local L.A. designers and major brands alike. Loyal customers and feasible pricing have also kept this boutique afloat. As boutiques in Los Angeles crumble under the weight of nonsensical merchandise and become nostalgic memories in the minds of us fashionistas, there's a feeling of security that comes from walking the altered street of Melrose and still seeing one of the staple boutiques standing strong.

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