Friday, October 12, 2012

Rihanna and Chris Brown - Who Says She Has to be Insecure Because She Took Him Back

Okay, so it's a pretty well known, confirmed fact that Rihanna and Chris Brown are basically back together - at least physically. I've noticed, however, a certain level of backlash toward Rihanna for her decision in allowing Chris back into her life and it leaves me scratching my head and wondering why. I understand the famous fight they had left her bloody and bruised. I understand she was humiliated, left stranded and forced to call the police. I also understand that the situation made both individuals question who they were at their core and the depths their feelings of passion will take them to.

 Rihanna and Chris Brown had an often rumored intense relationship filled with extreme emotion and from what I've heard, sexual kink. Didn't you also hear the rumors that both are complete freaks? I'm not interested in the details of what they did and perhaps still do behind closed doors, but I do know that there has to be a heightened level of passsion and let's face it - craziness to get to the levels I heard this particular couple reached. (I use the word craziness in the most positive way.) Not too many people can achieve an enhanced emotional state individually or with a partner, so if you find your type of crazy in another human being you're winning and need to hold onto it. I believe Rihanna and Chris speak the same language and there aren't too many others who can understand or interpret it. I personally do not think Rihanna is the typical, insecure abused woman who goes back to her assailant out of feelings of fear, neglect, lack of self worth, etc. I think Rihanna is simply a freak who enjoys extreme emotional highs and operates on a different level than others. I'm not saying Rihanna asked to get beat up, but I think she's the type of woman who probably knows how to push certain buttons and will toe the line between simply being irrational to going ape shit. Chris is probably the same way which made their relationship beautiful, unique and proper to them. Rihanna got beat up but then she got over it because that's the type of woman she is. Hell, she might have even kicked Chris's ass a few times and we just don't know about it. The problem came with the public outcry for Rihanna to leave Chris and the threat of sponsors pulling endorsements from her. No dick is worth losing your paycheck so Rihanna had to play the role but years have passed since that eventful night and they are still in love. It is not up to us to judge their reunion. My crazy is not her crazy and vice versa. Rihanna if you are in love then follow your heart. It's not meant for us to get you. He does.

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