Friday, August 1, 2014


I had never heard of a cronut before today. Apparently they're popular in New York and are somewhat of a craze. I will say that whoever thought these up needs to be kissed. A fellow co-worker brought in a box of donuts from DK Donuts in Santa Monica and inside where two creamed filled croissant/donut hybrids aka cronuts aka dkonuts. I'm not a huge donut fan and completely overlooked this unrecognizable delight, but then something happened. The quiet co-worker, the one you don't realize is out sick until noon and always has to repeat what she says because she whispers, bit into one and flipped the hell out! This pastry must be oozing with scrumptiousness if it made the mouse moan. There was only one more left so I grabbed a knife and sliced pieces for the rest of us. My one bite of this cronut made my head spin. It's buttery and greasy, the cream isn't too sweet and the texture is the perfect blend of crispy vs. melt in your mouth soft. If you're ever in Santa Monica YOU MUST try one of these morsels. You'll make the O face.

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