Friday, October 9, 2009

Did Diane Von Furstenburg steal Project Runway Designer's Dress?!?!?

This year I was fortunate enough to attend the 2009 Emmy's as an on air reporter covering the event. As I stood on my designated X in the press pin, fanning myself to keep from delirium in the blistering heat, I saw in the distance the image of Project Runway designer Korto Momolu.
"OMG, that's 'Kato'" I said to my cameraman. We called her over to get a few words with her on tape. I have to admit I was most excited about meeting her as opposed to some of the other celebrities walking the red carpet (my background is fashion). She is one of my favorite designers, Project Runway contestant or otherwise. The girl has serious skills and her dresses are beautiful. Speaking of dresses, earlier in the year I visited Nordstrom and saw the black and white geometric print dress with yellow trim she made for the Diane Von Furstenburg challenge on Project Runway. I loved that dress! Korto lost that challenge but I was thrilled to see it in Nordy's. The dress was in Diane Von Furstenburg's area. Interesting. I walked over and looked at the label inside the dress. It said Diane Von Furstenburg. Hmmm.....okay, cool. Diane bought the design from Korto despite her losing the challenge. Perhaps Diane recognized Korto's talent and offered her a position to freelanced for Diane's line.
Korto walked over to us and after exchanging greetings I inquired about the dress, however, her response is not what I anticipated. "I'm glad someone else saw that," Korto said. Apparently Korto was not made aware that Diane was going to produce her dress and sell it. Korto also mentioned seeing her dress in a magazine. Gasp! Even though I work in the industry and know that we can be a shady lot of characters, I did not expect this behavior from Diane. Would it have really made an impact on the books if Korto had been paid for her dress design or given credit? Korto refrained from speaking ill of the designer but after a stunt like that I definitely feel as if Korto should have won the Project Runway Allstar challenge, yet she came in second. And who was judging Korto and the other contestants? Diane Von Furstenburg. Korto had made the dresses of a couple of celebrities attending the Emmys. She is also promoting her handbag and accessory line. Her dress line will be launched during the upcoming Mercedez Benz fashion shows.

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